Release notes
release notes for MathFreeOn

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Version Update date
V0.1 MathFreeOn service started 15.04
V0.2 Material Design Iconic Font 15.08
V0.3 Symplified Sign up&Log in processes 15.09
V0.4 For faster service, academy service got lighter, Calculating Engine Upgraded, Machine Learning examples updated, UX&UI improvement 15.11
V0.5 Modified Engine and Customizable Project foler 16.01
V0.6 Project Sharing feature, provides many examples of Machine learning, Show off your own code in the Code Gallery 16.04
V0.7 Korean Service launched 16.07
V0.8 Added Examples suit for Elementary, Middle, and High School students. 16.08
V0.9 Added some Example and Function Help, Polishing UI/UX of academy service. 16.08
V1.0 Polishing UI/UX for smartphone and tablet. 16.08
V2.0 in BETA Service - Added more feature including Storage, Personal Messaging, and Management pages. 16.09


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