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MathFreeOn is SaaS (Software as a Service), used in Engineering and Math education.
Write scripts and solve math problems online.

Project, Code Gallery

Project, Classes Code Gallery, Forum

‘Project’ folder enables you to write scripts and manage the scripts all by yourself. By clicking the ‘RUN’ button, the results can be formatted as 3D graphs accordingly. Because this platform is compatible with MATLAB, MathFreeOn is used by many MATLAB users.
'Classes' provides examples and functions that cover from elementary school to professional levels.
‘Code Gallery’ is automatic saving feature for your scripts and the results. And of course, you can share your works with anyone around the world.
'Forum' includes Community and Q&A section that enable users to share their ideas and ask questions.

Increase your work efficiency

Cooperate with your friends by sharing your project. Just login and add friends on your Friendlist. You can also save library and functions using your account.

You can increase work efficiency.


MathFreeOn provides online courses for beginners or amateurs who have difficulties in writing scripts. In accordance with various mathematical topics, there are more than 400 practical examples, explanations and scripts. This enables you to easily save the scripts and run them on ‘editor.’ You can also change variables or input values on the scripts.

Learn how to use. It’s easy.

Solve various engineering problems in Examples, and explanations will help you get through the courses. API (Application Programming Interface) service is provided in advanced section, where you can make changes and instantly check the results. You don’t have to write scripts here. These services are provided for free, and more examples are keep updated. We also provide customized API service on various subjects. Feel free to contact us for the API customization service.

Learn how to use. It’s easy.


Mexican Hat wavelet example




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Hassle free service. No purchase required.


Share your scripts with your friends or your coworkers.

Work Anywhere

MathFreeOn supports any O/S.

Automatic Updates

We work 24-7 to keep our engine up-to-date. You simply log in and enjoy our service.

Unnecessary Code Conversion

Simply use MATLAB scripts here and check the results online. No need to convert MATLAB code.

Free Educational Materials

We provide many examples for you to understand how to use MathFreeOn easier and better.

What’s MathFreeOn?

Script based mathematical data analysis is now online

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